Can we edit our CV?

Yes, you can make small changes using Adobe Acrobat DC. But it’s not what we would recommend. The CV Maker provides one year free of cost service of making these small changes for you.

In how many days will we get our CV?

Normally, it would take 4-5 days working days. In an urgent case, Rs. 500 additional shall be charged and your CV will be delivered within 24hrs. 

In Which format will we get our CV?

Only PDF file format shall be provided by The CV Maker.

Do I get extended support for my cv from The CV Maker?

Yes, for the first year The CV Maker provides free of cost support.

What if one year passed?

After the expiry of one year free support, an additional amount of Rs. 500 per year is charged for making changes to your CV. 

How to submit my data to The CV Maker?

We shall provide you a fill-able PDF file, using Adobe PDF Reader you shall enter all info for The CV Maker to work on.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We’re currently accepting direct payments to our bank account# and to EasyPaisa account#. 

EasyPaisa AC#: 0300 1891333